Ronnell Bey

after hours

Ronnell Bey – vocals
Wolfgang Lackerschmid – vibes, marimba, perc
John Lee – bass
Karl Latham – drums
—> This has been a working band, touring mainly in Europe in the nineties.

Frank Kuruc – guitar
Sunny Förster – violin (at peace tune)

Label hipjazz | ArtNo hipjazz 020
—> Release date april 9th, 2021

—> Singer Ronnell Bey (*1956) based in Newark/NJ appeared in several off-Broadway shows and hit the groovy and funky stages all over. She comes from a dynasty of jazz musicians, starting with their famous aunts Salome and Geraldine & her uncle Andy Bey, well known as „Andy & The Bey Sisters“.

—> The album can be streamed or downloaded at all regular portals.

Song list

01. E-male (Ronnell Bey)

02. One More Life (Wolfgang Lackerschmid/Tricia Tunstall)

03. Chelsea Hotel (Wolfgang Lackerschmid/Tricia Tunstall)

04. Chelsea – Jam

05. Peace Tune – Intro (Attila Zoller/Wolfgang Lackerschmid)

06. Peace Tune (Attila Zoller/Wolfgang Lackerschmid)

07. Watch You Sleepin‘ (Wolfgang Lackerschmid) 

08. No Reason For Spring (Wolfgang Lackerschmid/Tricia Tunstall)

09. After Hours (Wolfgang Lackerschmid/Tricia Tunstall)

10. After Hours – Encore (Wolfgang Lackerschmid/Tricia Tunstall)

—> Produced by Wolfgang Lackerschmid

—> Recorded may, 1995 at Bauer Tonstudios, Ludwigsburg, Germany